Curriculum Design Resources

I have developed these templates for use in my teaching and professional development workshops. They are available for used by teachers for curriculum design, with appropriate acknowledgement.

Backward Mapping Template (Blank).doc

Backward Mapping Template Updated Feb09 with Prompts.doc

Facets of Understanding Overview.doc

Determining Curricular Priorities Template.doc

Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Template.doc

Quality Teaching Planning Template.doc

Maker Model Template.doc

Williams Model Overview.doc

Readings on Practitioner Inquiry and Student Voice

I draw on these readings often in workshops for teachers on evidence-informed practice, practitioner inquiry and/or student voice.

Cochran-Smith, M., & Lytle, S. (2009). Inquiry as stance: Practitioner research for the next generation. New York: Teachers College Press.

Fielding, M. (2010). The radical potential of student voice: Creating spaces for restless encounters.  The International Journal of Emotional Education, 2(1), pp.61-73.

Fielding, M. (2011). Patterns of Partnership: Student Voice, Intergenerational Learning and Democratic Fellowship. In N. Mockler & J. Sachs (Eds.), Rethinking Educational Practice Through Reflexive Inquiry. (pp. 61-75). Dordrecht: Springer.

Groundwater-Smith, S., Dockett, S., & Bottrell, D. (2015). Participatory research with children and young people. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Hart, R. (1992). Children's participation: From tokenism to citizenship. Innocenti Essay. Florence: UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre.

Mockler, N., & Groundwater-Smith, S. (2015). Engaging with student voice in research, education and community: Beyond legitimation and guardianship. Dordrecht: Springer.219-231.

Some Favourite Links

Seymour Papert’s Website: Readings etc from the original source of a lot of what we know about good learning

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: An excellent resource library for teachers

Gary Stager’s website: An educator with great insight into learning technologies and how to use them

The Australian Association for Research in Education: Access thousands of papers on every aspect of education

EduResearch Matters: The AARE Blog, on issues of contemporary significance to Australian education