Five Great Reads for Educators

John Dewey: My Pedagogic Creed

Dewey's perspective on education, learning and society continues to have relevance for educators over 120 years on.

Papert on Piaget

What insight does Piaget offer us into the way children learn and what that means for our teaching?

New Learning: A Charter for Australian Education 

Almost 20 years on, the vision laid out by the Australian Council of Deans of Education still makes compelling reading.

Black & Wiliam: Inside the Black Box

One of the most important and influential works of the past 25 years on transforming student assessment.

Alan Reid: Changing Australian Education

An important recent work on the impact of contemporary education policy on schools, teachers and students.

More Great Reads for Educators...

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This website is maintained as a way of sharing my work with teachers, prospective research students, and the broader education community. It contains as much of my published work as I am able to make freely available, along with a range of other resources that I hope might be useful. It also includes a collection of opinion pieces and media articles I’ve written and/or contributed to over the years.

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